The Second Annual Grand Market


The Grand Market was hotter the second time around, both in temperature and turnout. This past Sunday, the hosts, Socially Jen & Co and Hex, picked an art fair, vintage market, and multiple local boutiques, arranged them together in a beautiful street festival bouquet, and displayed the arrangement along Locust street. 


A colorful corridor of converted vehicles drew attendees along the block and a half walkway. Creative mobile shops spilled out of everything from shiny silver Airstream to a red and white Volkswagen bus. 


The .ZACK building took The Grand Market above the streets and offered three floors of more vendors and one of the most in demand items of the day: air-conditioning. 


Often St. Louis summer events push themselves to achieve that "fun-for-the-whole-family" tagline. The Grand Market hit the mark without going off brand from the sweet, well designed, fashion, flowers + folk festival.  


The petting zoo was a new addition to the expanded event, cleverly transforming an adjacent empty grass lot into an afternoon snack for the animals; including a tortoise humorously named Speed Bump, a mother alpaca and her baby, a young calf, ducks, bunnies, and donkeys.


Popular stands included Rudy's Flower Truck, a make-your-own bouquet stand overflowing from a vintage Jeep flatbed,  Perennial, a local non profit who hosted a a recycled cloth bracelet craft station, and Golden Gems, a illustrator and businesswoman sister duo who designed the "Cool Shit Inside" giveaway tote bags seen on arms across the event. 




The design agencies, creative businesses, and artistic lofts that cover Midtown Alley are the reason the stretch is known as St. Louis's Design District. For two years now, The Grand Market has brought people of all ages, interests, and creative talent together on a June Sunday, to discover local art and design, and the growing neighborhood.


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