The Grand Market Flowers, Fashion + Folk Recap

A promotion featuring sponsors for the event.

Thanks to everyone for joining us at The Grand Market on Sunday! We had a lot of fun exploring the .ZACH building and trying out the amazing breakfast and lunch options at David Kirkland's newest restaurant Turn. It was great to see so many people enjoying the folk music, food trucks, fashion, and of course Midtown Alley.

The Grand Market got underway with the first hundred guests receiving large gift bags filled products from local Midtown Alley businesses and sponsors.

Tote bag holding all of the gifts given to the first 100 guests at the event on Sunday morning.

The .ZACH building housed the inside portion of the festival. The new building was bustling on all levels and Turn, one of the more recent restaurant additions to the neighborhood did not have an open table. Despite the ongoing threat of rain, outside people were enjoying the sun. Young couples and families were lounging in front of the folk music stage. The vintage vans and trucks, which were already bursting with their respective food, clothes or even a Photo Booth, were filled with customers weaving in and out.

The Sunday afternoon was perfect for relaxation, lunch, or casual exploration of the local shops and Midtown Alley.

Floor map of what was happening on each floor of .ZACH. Featured on the Midtown Alley Instagram.

The popular Photo Bus.

Inside the Epiphany Boutique Fashion Truck.

Thank you so much to Socially Jen + Co, HEX, .ZACH, and all of the sponsors for helping put together this wonderful summer event. Socially Jen + Co  will be posting all photos on the Facebook event page