Coming Soon: Jefferson Connector


Over the last decade, developer Jassen Johnson has expanded Midtown Alley one building at a time. The slow and steady growth allowed for our former industrial automobile row to be curated into the unique, hip design district it is today. 

Therefore as a neighborhood we are excited to announce a big jump in our growth: the Jefferson Connector project. The $55 million bid will connect the east end of Midtown Alley with the west end of downtown. 


Johnson told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch in October “What we’re trying to do is take 15 years of work and finish it correctly.” This cherry-on-top project is striving to connect two growing St. Louis areas with an intersection that will function as a gathering spot for visitors, residents, and workers.

The Midtown Alley project will involve the rehab of two vacant buildings, and the addition of a new hotel, parking garage, and complex for retailers.  

Construction timeline from  Building St. Louis

Construction timeline from Building St. Louis

In the past, we have struggled to offer smaller firms, new businesses, and growing retailers with medium sized spaces. The roots of automobile row left our buildings with beautiful large lofts, but a lack of conservative sized spaces. The Jefferson Connector will help address this and allow for us to bring more unique design agencies, shopping, restaurants, and other creative business

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