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Where Creatives
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Lined with design firms, photography studios, and marketing agencies, Midtown Alley is St. Louis's Design District for a reason. Our creative agencies have a range of specialties from branding, to social media marketing, to high fashion models. The versatile loft spaces along Locust, Olive, and Washington Ave allow for fresh small start ups to live next to larger, decades-old industry leaders. 


Aligned Media

3200 locust st.
st. louis, MO 63103

Aligned Media is a full service media production studio here to make your concept the most killer, heart-stopping, magical, awesome, interesting thing you’ve ever been proud of.


3021 locust st.
st. louis, MO 63103

Atomicdust is a brand marketing firm offering strategic and creative services that help brands connect with their audiences. We offer branding, online marketing and web design.

Chameleon Integrated Services

3207 Washington Ave., Ste 200
st. louis, MO 63103

Chameleon Integrated Services (Chameleon) is committed to keeping our employees abreast of industry trends, educational opportunity, and rapidly changing technologies.


Clarion Marketing & Advertising 

3117 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

Clarion Marketing specializes in brand development, internal communications, online presence, integrated campaigns and video/animation services.

Creative Exchange Lab (CEL)

3307 Washington Ave
st. louis, MO 63103

Creative Exchange Lab (CEL) is an exhibition space and an incubator for ideas and projects to help improve the fabric of our neighborhoods and our cities.

Educa Worldwide

3010 Locust St., Ste 101b
st. louis, MO 63103

Educa Worldwide is a full-service, business-to-consumer marketing, advertising, research, branding firm that retains premier education-based clients, vendors and strategic partnerships to offer unparalleled service, innovation and results.


Happy Medium

3141 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

happyMedium invents competitive halos. From that, we’ve gotten good at making apps, cloud services, and websites to do new things in new ways to delight customers and drive loyalty.

Hive Network, LLC

3010 Locust St., Ste 101b
st. louis, MO 63103

Hive Learning Networks prepare youth to thrive in school, work, and civic life. We empower educators to build connected learning experiences and teach the digital literacy skills essential for young people to discover and shape their world.


3005 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

JEMA, a full service, multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in architecture, interior design and urban planning.


Lightfire Partners

3010 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

The industry leader in home improvement advertising and marketing support. For more than 40 years, the professionals at LightFire Partners have served business-to-consumer clients with cutting edge technology, lead generation, and call center solutions.

Mercury Labs

3141 Locust St., Ste 400
st. louis, MO 63103

At Mercury Labs, we are Alchemists. We specialize in projects that involve film, online video, graphics, audio and public relations.

Mother Model Management

3147 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

We have had a global presence discovering and managing top models, through our company, Mother Management for two decades. We focus solely on fashion & editorial in the US and internationally. We are active mother agents guiding and nurturing our models throughout their entire career.


Origin Agency

3016 Locust St., Ste101
st. louis, MO 63103

Origin is a strategic and creative agency, our capabilities include promotional marketing, retail display, packaging, experimental design, brand identity, strategy and advertising.


3010 Locust St., Ste 102
st. louis, MO 63103

Scorch is a strong collective of innovative thinkers, does, artists and strategists with proven success in a variety of industries. An agile team with enormous capacity, we’re able to quickly respond to the needs of the needs of the modern marketplace.


3030 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

From red eyes to home visits, from kitten heels to construction helmets, we’ve been leaders in the senior housing industry for over three decades. We got there the only way we know how – one deposit, one building, and one uncompromising goal at a time. We passionately believe that prospects should be treated like people, and we won’t stop until every older adult is seen and valued as the beautiful, messy, intelligent human being they are.


Socially Jen & Co.

.ZACK Building
3224 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

As a digital marketing and communications agency, Socially Jen + Co was founded on the belief that meaningful marketing starts with hard work and great people. We aim to elevate your marketing plan through creative strategic planning, thoughtful content, and strong execution.

Spoke Marketing

3145 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

Spoke is a full-service marketing, branding and interactive agency that primarily works with small businesses (less than $100MM in revenue) and start ups. We’re laser focused on our clients’ return-on-investment; we call this “finding the fastest path to cash”.

Spot Creative Media

2745 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

Spot Media Production Group specializes in creating dynamic multi-media content.



.ZACK Building
3224 Locust St., Ste 301
st. louis, MO 63103

StoryTrack is a boutique media agency that creates and produces films, digital experiences and content marketing.

The Rome Group

3120 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

As one of the Midwest’s leading nonprofit consultants, we work with organizations of all sizes to build capacity, develop resources and create exciting and actionable strategic plans that move them toward their vision. 

Timmerman Group

3146 Locust St., Ste 200
st. louis, MO 63103

We are a digital marketing agency in St. Louis MO specializing in website design, SEO, pay-per-click management, social media marketing, strategy, analytics, and all things digital.


TLW and Associates, Attorneys at Law

3216 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

Our mission is to provide a personal touch to the highest quality legal counsel for each and every client. When you are in need of guidance, we want you to know one thing: you have our attention.

TOKY Branding + Design

3001 Locust St., 2nd Floor
st. louis, MO 63103

TOKY is an award-winning creative firm providing expertise in brand identity, print design, digital design and development, and content strategy and creation.


3024 Locust St.
st. louis, MO 63103

Touchwood Creative is an agency specializing in pairing creative execution with solid business and technology expertise to create engaging corporate communications programs.



3010 Locust St., Ste 101A
St. louis, MO 63103

ZU delivers results, and we do it fast. It kicks off with a lightening-quick startup time of seven days. For most campaigns, within a week, you’ll have a strong presence on ZU’s comprehensive online portal, along with integrated campaigns up and running.